Our School




Tufnell Park is a cheerful, thriving  primary school, very much at the heart of the community we have served for over 70 years.



We occupy a single-storey building on a relatively spacious site, with a separate, purpose-built nursery, a wild garden and a pond.  But we now need a larger, more up to date building and we are excited that our expansion project has now begun. You can see more on our Home Page.



For every aspect of what children do at our school all day, click the link to How we learn. You’ll find the school ethos and aims, information about teaching & learning at Tufnell Park, and details of the many, many activities that go on outside the classroom.



The School Info provides a wealth of official information about the school: our Ofsted Report, performance data, admission and curriculum details, essential policies and more.



Our classes will lead you to timetables and news of what each year group is up to – including which class is which!  To carry on with classroom fun online, visit our ePlayground.



Governance introduces you to the governing body, including reports from recent governors’ meetings.  And if you’re interested in how the school has evolved, read about our origins on the History page.



If you’re a parent or carer looking for information about rules and procedures, getting involved or getting questions answered, please visit the Parent Info pages on this site.



Finally, when we’ve got something to sell – usually around Christmas! – you can buy it at our Shop.  At other times, it’s just a window…