We’re very proud of the range of clubs we offer to children from Year 1 upwards, and do our best to keep charges extremely low.


What we offer varies somewhat from term to term, depending on the tutors available and demand from the children. Most are oversubscribed but we rotate membership so that as many children as possible get their chance over the course of the year.


You can indicate your child’s interest in a club by signing up towards the end of each term. Offer letters will go out as soon as possible.


Please make sure that you arrive at school promptly to pick up your child when their club finishes. Children that are picked up continually late may lose their place at their chosen club. You can wait in the main reception area where your child will meet you.


If you have any questions about clubs, do Get in touch and we will pass your message to Patricia Corr.


Please note these clubs are an opportunity for children to pursue their interests and possibly acquire new ones. The timings and range of clubs offered changes over the year so they should not be considered as child care provision. 


Please click the link below to see this terms timetable:


Club Timetable for Spring Term 2018