How we learn

This is our ethos, which informs everything we do:


Tufnell Park School is not about rules.


We don’t have many and we expect those that we have to be kept. The most important is that children should be considerate in their relationships with others.


As a primary school, we believe we have a key role in society in combating discrimination and promoting fairness, justice and equality. We do this through our teaching and through the role models we offer.


Our children, teachers, parents and carers drew up a Code of Conduct:


At Tufnell Park School we care for each other, share with each other and treat everyone with respect. If we can’t resolve a disagreement by talking to each other, we ask an adult to help. We look after people, their property and our school.


Our school is a safe and welcoming place to which all children can come happily every day.


By creating a happy, trusting environment, we help inspiration grow.