We admit 45 children to Reception each September and have been oversubscribed for several years. We’re sorry we can’t offer every applicant a place, nor can we guarantee school places for children at our nursery.


Children are admitted according to the admissions policy of the London Borough of Islington. The current order of priority is: children with particular educational needs; children with a brother or sister at the school; those who live nearest to the school. Living in Islington is not one of the priority criteria.


Before applying, please do come and see the school and meet with the Headteacher.

The application deadline for September 2017 Reception class places was 15th January. For information about late applications, please see Islington Council’s school admission website:


Applications to Islington primary schools are managed centrally as part of a pan-London scheme. Wherever you live, you will need to apply for admission via your borough of residence.


Children start Reception in the September before they turn five.  Applications are due in the previous January: contact your borough for the exact date.


To find out more or apply online (if you are an Islington resident), go to:


or contact Islington Admissions on 020 7527 5661.


Camden residents should apply via:


or contact Camden Admissions on 020 7974 1625.


To apply for a place for an older child (“in-year admissions”), contact your borough admissions team as above.