Paper copies of school policies can be accessed free of charge from the school office.


Admissions Policy

Tufnell Park Primary School is a local authority maintained school and the admission criteria can be found on the Islington Council website Islington School Admissions – Tufnell Park Primary

The admissions arrangements for September 2019 are here: islington community schools determined admission arrangements 2019-20

Our nursery for 3 and 4 year old children also follows the Islington Council Early Years Admissions Procedure.

Tufnell Park School Nursery admissions policy 2017


Asset Development Plan




Attendance Policy

Our Attendance policy describes in detail why it is so very important to make sure your children come to school, what to do if you are having trouble achieving this and what the school will do if a child is persistently absent or late.

Attendance Policy 2014



Behaviour Policy (including Anti-Bullying statement)

We are proud of the welcoming and respectful attitude of children at our school, which has been noted by Ofsted and other visitors. Our Behaviour Policy covers all aspects of how we achieve and maintain this: parents and families play a crucial role. It incorporates our anti-bullying statement, and explains how we use rewards and sanctions in our approach.

Behaviour Policy 2018



Bereavement Policy [under review]

Bereavement Policy 2018



Charging Policy

There are circumstances in which the school may ask parents to pay for something, or give them the option to pay, and others where we do not. Our Charging policy across a whole range of events – from school meals to trips and clubs – is clearly laid out here.

Charging Policy 2018


Class Transition Policy

Because Tufnell Park is a one-and-a-half form entry school, there are a number of mixed-year classes.  This involves some movement between class rolls each academic year. Our Transition Policy sets out clearly how we define which child will be in each class, and why.

Class Transition Policy



Collective Worship Policy

Tufnell Park 2018 Collective Worship Policy 2018




Complaints procedure



Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage policy 2018



Financial Management

Under review – To be agreed by Resources Committee Autumn 2018



Governance policies

Governors Allowances Policy 2017 final Governor Visits Policy – final as approved Nov 17

Governor Visits Policy – final as approved Nov 17

Terms of Reference – Children Families Community Committee – November 2016

Terms of Reference – Resources Committee – January 2017

Terms of Reference – Teaching and Learning Committee – November 2016






Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy 2017


Home School Agreement

All parents or carers sign our Home School Agreement, which sets out the roles of families and school in supporting good learning and good behaviour.

Download Home School Agreement



Inclusion – Accessibility and Equality

See our Accessibilty and Equality statements on the School Info page.

Managing Medical Conditions in School

Tufnell Park Primary wishes to ensure that pupils with medical conditions receive appropriate support and care at school. This policy is written with regard to Section 100 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

Managing medical conditions in school policy 2017


Offsite Educational Visits Policy

Offsite Visits Policy 2017


Online / E-Safety & Acceptable ICT Use Policy

Children must leave school able to use information and communication technology both safely and creatively, and Tufnell Park is in the forefront of best practice in this area.  Our E-Safety & Acceptable ICT Use policy incorporates a range of policies that deal with individual aspects of ICT use in clear, everyday language.  Here, you can download the overview of all these policies, which are available on request.  We’ve also provided the following in full:

Online Safety Policy 2017

We ask all parents and children at the school to sign agreements that set out our standards for acceptable use of ICT.  View copies of these forms here:




For recommended public sources of advice about child safety on line, please check the links on the page on this site titled, eSafety tips for parents.


Privacy Statement

Data Protection law in the UK changed in May 2018. The regulation is about protecting people in the modern information age. It gives more control to individuals and more responsibilities to organisations which collect and hold your data.

This document explains how we use pupil information.

2018 Privacy notice parents carers re pupil data


Pupil Premium

See how we use our Pupil Premium funding on the School Info page


Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy

School should always be a safe, secure and happy place and we are determined that Tufnell Park School meets these important aims. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy details the steps we take to ensure this, gives guidelines for action and defines the extent and limits of our responsibilities.


Tufnell Park 2018-19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy DRAFT OCTOBER 2018

(nb: this is a draft policy, to be ratified by Governors.)


Our policy is based on the Islington Model policy and is designed to ensure that we comply with the DfE’s  statutory guidance:


The school adopts the Islington Council Safer Recruitment guidance:

Safer Recruitment Guidance October 2018


Sex & Relationships Education (SRE) Policy

Sex & Relationships Education is part of the curriculum, in the area known as Personal, Social, Health Education & Citizenship (PSHE).  It is age-appropriate and taught consistently, whatever teachers’ personal beliefs. The SRE policy tells you how we develop policy in this area, what we teach and to which children.

SRE Policy 2018


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

We include every child with a Special Educational Need in every aspect of school life. Our SEN policy defines what this means in practice and how we work with families to achieve it. It contains practical information about admissions, access, responsibilities for SEN and extra support throughout the child’s career with us. Please read it in addition to the SEN Information Report, which you can find under The School Info.

Special Educational Needs SEN policy 2017


Staff policies

The school’s employment policies are those agreed by the London Borough of Islington, adapted to the school as appropriate.

Capability procedure December 2016

Code of Conduct 2018 (to be adopted by Resources Committee Autumn 2018)

Disciplinary procedure December 2016

Dismissal on Grounds of Illegality or SOSR December 2016

Fixed term contract guidance note 2014

Flexible Working Policy June 2014

Grievance procedure December 2016

Organisational Change procedure November 2016

Performance Appraisal Policy – support staff – June 2014

Performance Appraisal Policy – Teachers – June 2018

Probationary Procedure – Support Staff 2013

Safer Recruitment Guidance_November 2016

Sickness Absence procedure December 2016

Whistleblowing Policy 2017

Dismissal on Grounds of Illegality or SOSR 2016


Toileting and Intimate Care Policy


Toileting and Intimate Care Policy


Uncollected Child Policy

This is under review but the key principles/procedure of the 2012 policy attached will be adhered to.

Uncollected child policy

Volunteer Policy

We welcome many volunteers in our school: parents who support the class on school visits or who commit to regular reading with pupils and from organisations who provide trained volunteers with specific skills. Our volunteer policy outlines our arrangements for recruiting and managing volunteers in our school, in line with the school’s Safeguarding Policy and Safer Recruitment guidelines. The aim of this policy is to make the best use of our volunteer’s enthusiasm, skills and experience and to ensure that our children are kept safe.

Tufnell Park Volunteer Policy 2018