Parent Teachers Association

Lots of activities that are part of Tufnell Park School life come directly from the efforts of the PTA.  As soon as you have a child at the school, or become a member of staff, you’re a member, and you can get involved with anything we’re doing, at any time.  You will always, always be welcome and helping out is far easier than you might think.


Dressing up at Winter Wonderland - the HSA makes it happen.

Dressing up at Winter Wonderland – the PTA makes it happen.


The PTA organises and runs the Winter Wonderland, the Summer Fair and various fun activities throughout the year.  None of these would happen if lots of parents didn’t get involved – so please do!  Come to a meeting, contact us, grab someone who’s on the committee… read more about how on these pages.


Everyone helped to transform our playground.

The more people join in, the more fun we have.


Since September 2013, we’ve funded extra-enjoyable learning experiences for our children: a programme we call Learning Treats.  We also run fundraising Fridays that enable the classes to raise cash to spend, and help with funding school clubs, trips and other good school causes.


Since 2012, we’ve organised an annual sponsored Fun Run each year.  Individual parents and small groups also come up with and run their own fundraising activities, including parties, sponsored sports events and a weight loss club.  Most importantly, our activities are about funds AND fun, and bringing the school community together is our most important purpose of all.


The whole school takes part in our annual Fun Run: running AND cheering.

The whole school takes part in the annual Fun Run.

For more information about what the PTA does and who the current committee members are, please click here