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December 2018 – the new building takes shape

In less than a month, our new building has arrived! The school was constructed off-site by Eco Modular and lifted onto our site by a giant crane.


You can see the school taking shape in this video Time lapse video of our new school being built


Whilst the inside is fitted out, the next few months will see the outside covered in brick – and some of our pupils will get a chance to try their hand at bricklaying.


In a Islington Tribune article Headteacher, Martin Scarborough, explained why we are so excited to be moving into our state of the art new school next September.



Demolition is well underway. In the last two weeks we have seen the old junior corridor and classrooms knocked down and now the foundations and concrete terrace are being dug out.

The children have been really interested to see this work taking place and such dramatic change in a short time. Of course, this phase of the project does cause some disruption and the noise, dust or vibration can be annoying!

Our builders, Morgan Sindall, have to make sure that the health of the workers on the construction site, our school community and neighbours is protected and there is special monitoring equipment installed within the construction site near Carleton Road and in our school playground.

The equipment records how much noise, dust and vibration to ensure that the legal limits are not breached. If the levels go above this, the system sends an alarm message to the project manager, so that he can investigate and prevent it.

Islington Council officers also come and check that things are being done correctly.




The temporary block arrives

Over the Easter holiday, our temporary classrooms arrived by truck and had to be lifted into place by crane.

The truck drivers and crane operator showed real skill, manoeuvring the 18 units into place in our playground and having to work  only centimetres away from our climbing frame.