School Expansion Project



Following consultation with our school and parents, Islington Council have decided to re-build our school. The Council’s aim is to provide a modern, new school, that will enable expansion of the school from the current one and a half form entry to three form entry.


Details about the exciting plans for our school are below.

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Architect’s impression of the new school, viewed from the pupil entrance on Dalmeny Road.


The purpose of this page is to provide information about what decisions have been made, what the next steps are, how the new school will look, and how parents can get involved in the re-build project. This page will be updated as and when there are any developments, so keep coming back if you want to know the latest position.

Architect’s impression of the new school from Carleton Road.


We are pleased to announce that the Council have now selected the building contractors Morgan Sindall, with Haverstock architectural practice as their partners. You can view their education portfolio here.


Full steam ahead – planning permission granted!

On November 7th , we received planning permission for our project to go ahead. We are still on schedule to complete by September 2019 – see below. This is because the school is of modular construction, so will be built offsite and moved into place – a much quicker method than traditional building, with a good deal less disruption to our site.


Plan of the new building and grounds


  • March 2018 – groundworks for temporary classrooms, including pruning of trees and demolition of existing mobile classroom in playground
  • March/April 2018 – erection of two story temporary classrooms in playground
  • May 2018 –  move into temporary classrooms
  • May 2018 – begin to demolish old building
  • Summer 2018 – new building begins to be built
  • Summer 2019 – new building completed
  • September 2019 – first expanded Reception entry (up to 90 pupils)
  • Early 2020 – landscaping completed


We have been working with the architects to develop all interior spaces, making sure they are light and open. To enable this, there will be light wells reaching up all three floors in the main corridors:

…and a double height foyer with glass-fronted library will give an impressive, inspirational feel to the entrance space.

We are aiming to use the foyer to display large scale artworks created by the children – we are currently exploring ideas  for our very first one! Maybe it will feature birds, as here – or perhaps you have a better idea…     do let us know what you think!

What the school is doing

Our current work has been around developing a colour strategy for the new school. Claire from Haverstock has been working alongside children to gather their views and discuss what they would like from a classroom design. We have also been drawing on the latest research in this area, such as the Clever Classrooms study by Salford University – Mr Scarborough’s new favourite read!

We have chosen an integrated palette for each floor, using a combination of muted and brighter tones.

Obviously, most of the colour and visual excitement in our school will come from the creativity of our wonderful children and teachers!