School Expansion Project

Following consultation with our school and parents, Islington Council have decided to re-build our school. The Council’s aim is to provide a modern, new school, that will enable expansion of the school from the current one and a half form entry to three form entry.


Architect’s impression of the new school, viewed from the pupil entrance on Dalmeny Road.


The purpose of this page is to provide information about what decisions have been made, what the next steps are, how the new school will look (we are still early in the process, so nothing on this yet!), and how parents can get involved in the re-build project. This page will be updated as and when there are any developments, so keep coming back if you want to know the latest position.


Architect’s impression of the new school entrance, accessed via a bridge from Carleton Road.


So far, the only decision made by the Council is the in-principle decision to build a new school. The background document to this decision is here. The process to appoint a contractor to build the school was undertaken within the Southern Construction Framework.


We are pleased to announce that the Council have now selected the building contractors Morgan Sindall, with Haverstock architectural practice as their partners. You can view their education portfolio here.

These are some of their ideas for the interior of our new school. We want learning to be at the heart of what we do – so we will have a beautiful new library in our entrance hall…



…and a big new hall, as well as specialist rooms for music, science, art and cooking.







The building of the school will then be a two-stage process. The key dates at the moment are:

February to August 2017 Stage 1: the first stage is pre-construction.


During this stage the appointed contractor will come up with a design for the new school that will be taken forward to get planning permission and then to get built if permission is granted.


It is also at this stage that programme, phasing and construction methods are developed, to limit the disruption to the running of the school while the re-build is going ahead.


This first stage will take about 6 months, and will last from February to August 2017.

August 2017 to September 2019 Stage 2: the second stage is construction.


If planning permission is granted, the second stage will start by sealing off the middle-bay and end-bay, so that these areas can be demolished and work started here first to build the new school building. Temporary class-rooms will be installed in the playground. Ursa to Heracles will move into these classroom at October half-term. Other classes will stay in the old building.


This second stage will take almost two years, with the aim of opening the new school in September 2019.


What the school is doing

The Governing Body have appointed a Re-Build Sub-Committee which is helping Mr Scarborough to provide our school’s input into the re-build process. Our latest meeting (9 June) involved discussions around some design ideas for new fencing and gates…These are ideas we can develop – which I hope you agree will definitely be an upgrade!


How you can get involved

There has already been a consultation by the school with parents about what should be the priorities for the new school. This informed our comments to the Council on the desired specification for the new school.

Before the application for planning permission is made at the end of June, you will be able to see what the new school will look like and provide your comments on the design.

We held a meeting on 22 June for this purpose, and a representative from Haverstock will be at our Summer Fair to talk through the designs with you.